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Monday, June 28, 2010

Part Seven

This is Bill Eager again I just delivered Elena’s letter to Cash and picked up Cashes letter to Elena. Both letters are very short letters. A short letter is like a short story when two people are in love a lot can be said in just a few well chosen words. The letters you are about to read are among the last letters written before Russia invaded Georgia. The first letter is from Elena and the next is Cashes reply.

Hello my love William!!! I really very much miss on you William and
today I write you the letter only to tell to you, that I love you. It
is a week again has stood out for me very difficult in respect of
work. I planned to take this week the day off, but as a result I will
work again. Now I have not enough time to write you longer letter, but
in me it is so much love and I hope, that you will receive all my love
and caress in this letter. I will write you the letter next week as
only then I will have the day off. I know, that you always very much
wait for my letter and consequently I will wait for my day off to
write you William my letter. I very much wish to have now your
embraces and kisses and for me it is very important, that I always
could receive from you the letter. In any case I ask you William to
wait very much for my letter and I will necessarily write to you. Now
we have very hot weather and I go in short shorts and an easy T-short.
I know, that you very much would love me in such clothes. (Smile). My
honey William I ask you necessarily wait for my letter and remember,
that I very strongly miss on you and you William the unique man in my
life which I so strongly love and I want. I will finish my letter as
it is necessary for me to go already. I send you one million my most
sweet and passionate kisses and very much I want, that these kisses
have covered all your body. Always your loving lady Elena.

Two Hearts United As One. William & Elena.

To My Dearest Elena,

I love you my darling and I miss you so very much. I know that true love is never having to say you are sorry but please forgive me for not writing sooner.

Your letter was short because your time was limited mine was nil, because I have been deeply involved in a new project.

I’ll try to explain it to you so that you’ll understand. I have joined a website for writers and readers, as you know I love to write.

Not all that I write is book worthy, What is has been published. I’ve taken the non-book worthy writings from my archives to edit and rewrite and I’ve found a great place to do it.

It’s a writers community called WeBook a place where writers can share, help and make comments on each others creative abilities. My intention is to take my bad stuff and make it good stuff.

Each article or story I write is called a project until it’s ready to be published. I’ve got 8 or more projects all in process at the same time.

One of my projects is dedicated to you but I’m going to keep that a secret because I want to surprise you when it is finished.

Have I told you about my favorite recipe? You take happiness and laughter mix thoroughly with romance, add hugs, pecks, and sprinkle with kisses. Bind with pleasure and bake with faith. Then serve it with endless love.

Since you say you are an epicurean do you think you can prepare this recipe and serve it to me for life. Oh! I forgot the dessert (did I spell it right, it doesn’t look right) anyway, how about this;

The warm glow of your eyes in candle light with an added touch in the right places. “Perfect”

My dearest Elena I have a euphoric feeling that tells me you’re mine, is it because I’ve strayed into our fantasy world or is it real? I long to take you in my arms, slowly kiss your gentle lips and know that our love is bound for eternity.

It’s a beautiful day here in my city the sunshine is dancing through my window filling my mind with wonderful thoughts of you. Outside the warm sunshine and gentle breeze caresses my cheek, it is like a soft kiss from you, wishing me a good morning. I know for sure that it’s going to be a good day because I just got your letter and it is filled with love. If only I could feel your hands touch me and feel your tongue teasing my ear my day would be perfect.

You’ve got my unconditional love forever and ever, Big Daddy Cash

Russia moved troops into Georgia and placed them in strategic places for an all out invasion. This created a problem for the security of all the countries involved. This caused email and regular letters to be blocked and censored so communication between Cash and Elena was hindered and in most cases stopped. Both Cash and Elena kept sending letters hoping that somehow they would slip through the cracks but neither one has received a letter from the other in almost two months. The following two letters are from Cash to Elena sent with the hopes that she would get his message.

Dearest Elena, I keep trying to reach you but to no avail. The last two letters I sent may have got through I didn’t get them back like all the others. I hope they did because I miss you and I want you to know how I feel. I think about you all the time you still are with me in my dreams and fantasies. My friends have asked me what was making me so sad, I guess it really shows. They can’t understand how I can miss some one that I have never met in person. I can’t tell them about our fantasy world they’d think I was crazy.
I pray for you every day and ask God to keep you out of harms way. As you know I believe that my God is love and that he is with me all of the time. Anyway I asked my God to visit you and tell you that I still love you. He usually does what I ask him to do because He and I have a good rapport. Maybe He will let a letter slip through just to set my mind at ease.
I think I told you about my two sick dogs anyway Charley has gone blind and Bear is completely powerless he can no longer stand on his own which means he needs constant help. Bear is my Golden Retriever and he is a very big dog, 200 lbs big. He needs to be bathed twice a day and the carpet where he lies has to be shampooed at least once a day, sometimes twice. The vet tells me that Charley has diabetes and needs insulin shots twice a day after each feeding. He thinks diabetes is what made Charley go blind. You see my dear Elena God has turned me into a nurse.
I have been writing a lot but since I haven’t heard from you I keep getting writers remorse. I have found that if I go back and read your past letters it helps to boost my thought process. Your letters have always given me the inspiration I need to write. You have a positive effect on me with your words even though you are thousands of miles away.
I’m not going to say much more in this letter because I honestly don’t think you are going to get it. The only thing I can hope for is that with Gods help maybe it will slip through.
I Love You My Dearest Elena
Forever, Big Daddy Cash
Hoof Note ; Close your eyes and imagine the two of us locked in a loving embrace...

Dearest Elena,

Another week has gone by and still no letter from Russia. Nothing from my dearest Elena. It is so strange not to find a loving word from you in my email. Other then my webook mail everything I get is garbage. I think I told you about webook anyway it’s a community of writers that get together to help each other improve what they write. I don’t write much anymore because my heart isn’t in it and my mind seems to be locked in a closet. Your letters are the key that will set me free to write again. I hope I haven’t lost that key forever.
I don’t know what to write anymore because I don’t want my feelings for you read by others. The mind plays strange games when communication is lost. Especially between two people as close as we are. It is unfair when outside forces can step in and govern our lifes. Not being able to touch you and hold you is a hard thing to accept when you see other lovers together embracing each other and enjoying each others presence.
My health has also become a problem that creates another roadblock to our love affair. When I was receiving your letters I felt young again and full of vitality. The wonderful words that you sent me each week could compare to the fountain of youth spilling over. Your thoughts and ideas and your expressions of love gave me the spirit to overcome anything. Now that that’s gone I find myself falling into the abyss of the tired and weary, responding only to survive on a daily bases.
Have I lost you my dearest Elena? Are you only a memory from a beautiful dream? Have world affairs become so unfair as to take you away? These are worries that fill my mind each week there’s no letter. If your feelings of love are as strong as mine then I know you must feel the same. If I knew for sure that you would get this letter I’d fill it with love like I use to do. I’d take you into our own world of dreams and make love to you like I use to do. Back then the feelings were real and our dream world really existed now it’s just a question mark on a door that was only a fantasy.
I love you Elena and may God Bless you and keep you well. As you always referred to me, Your William

P.S. ; I miss you so very much my dearest Elena

We are not going to end this story here but Cash has decided to postpone the story until the invasions on the small countries claiming independence from Russia are no longer under attack by the Russian Government. The members of NATO which include the United States and Georgia consider an attack on any member an act of war on all members, so in all likelihood this could be the beginning of a world war.

If it were the end of peace between Russia and America then the love between Elena and Cash would not end but their freedom to communicate would be sadly interupted, and the outcome of this story may have to wait until peace is reinstated.

A Message from the Author

This is to all the readers who have enjoyed what I have written in the seven chapters of Infinite Encounter. First of all I want to thank you for reading what I have written. When I started to write this story the seed was planted as a challenge from my Webook friends. I was happy to accept this challenge with the story of my romance that took place on the airways corresponding through email all the way from Russia to America.

I have never met Elena in person but I fell in love with her through the magic found in the written words of her letters. As my narrator has told you chapter seven is not the end of the story more then likely it is just the beginning.

If you enjoyed my story and you’d like to read more please grant me a wish. You can do this if you get on your hands and knees in prayer and ask God to replace the anger and greed of the instigators of war with love. Your prayers could be the weapon that will prevent another world war.

When the conflict is over my story will continue. Thank you my friends, I know in my heart that you will grant me this wish. Sincerely, Big Daddy Cash

The Interim

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