Love Letters


Monday, June 28, 2010

Love Letters Part One

My name is Bill Eager and I’m employed by Big Daddy Cash not only is he my boss he’s a very close friend. I’ve been Cashes friend since 1952 when we both joined the Peacekeeping Forces to fight in the Korean war. Cash was only sixteen at the time and he had to lie about his age to be accepted as a volunteer. With a fake ID and the fact that he looked much older the ( I was Eighteen) deception was easy. With our background in martial arts (we both had black belts in karate) we were accepted in the Green Beret, a distinct unit of the Special Operational Forces. Cash and I enlisted together and had the privilege to stay together as martial art instructors, our first assignment of many assignments we shared.

That’s how I met Cash and we have been closer than blood brothers ever since. Anyway, when Cash was discharged he founded a company called Cashes Secrets 2 Success. It’s a company based in Salt Lake City, Utah where Cash was born. His business turned out to be a virtual empire doing business all over the free world. He has almost 400 employees, I’m one, I’ve been with him since he started.

One day he called me into his office and asked me if I’d like to be his special mail distributor. I asked him;

“What exactly does that entail”

he replied;

“Bill, I want you to handle all incoming and out going mail and be in charge of mail order distribution.”

“That sounds to me like one hell of a lot of work.”

“ It is! But I’m sure you can handle it professionally . and I'll add $1000 dollars a month to your salary.”

So now among other things I’m Big Daddy Cashes professional mailman. You’d be surprised what a man in my position learns.

Back to Big Daddy Cash...

It was around this time that I received a friendly letter from a Russian lady. She wanted a pen pal and I suppose you could say I wanted recognition.

That's where the story "Love letters to Elena" begins. A casual friendship that gives birth to a love affair all the way from America to Russia.

Sometimes late at night when my mind is cluttered and I can’t think of the right words to use in my book. I think of Elena and long for the heat of her body and her gentle touch. Sitting at my keyboard in front of my computer it’s easier to write to her then it is to write in my book. When writing to her my words flow like magic. It helps me get rid of the junk that’s floating around in my mind and gives me a fresh outlook to finish what I originally started.

If writing to her can do that for me why not write a book about her and our love affair. A love affair that exists in the words of a letter. I would be communicating with my love and doing my work at the same time, all with a better frame of mind. The trick will be keeping it a secret until the book is finished.

Here are two of the most recent love letters to Elena.

To My Dearest Elena,

There is a simple, age-old principle that keeps me happy healthy and free: “Help others to help yourself.” I believe that people who give time, and support to others are more likely to be happy and satisfied with their lives—the proof can be found in the love letters that you write to me. The words you write with the emotions found in your heart help me to weathering the inevitable storms of life? Your words are the magic potion from all panaceas. Your words give me the faith I need to endure until we are together. The distance between two hearts is not an obstacle, but rather a beautiful reminder of just how strong true love can be. Wonderful things happen when two, such as you and I are in love.

My dearest Elena I don't ask for much because with you I have everything. My love for you is like the air I breath. I can't see it, but I always feel it, and most importantly...I can't live without it. Your letters always come to me on Friday morning making Friday (for me) the happiest day of the week. Having you in my life, if just for the moment, makes me the happiest man on earth. To be the happiest man in the universe I need you right here next to me. I pray that “Love” the God in my heart. will make this a possibility.

As you continue to send me your love, my energy flames into a regenerating spiral... As love accumulates, it keeps my system in balance and harmony. Love is the tool, and more love is the end product. Perfect love is rare indeed - for to be a lover will require that you continually have the subtlety of the very wise, the flexibility of the child, the sensitivity of the artist, the understanding of the philosopher, the acceptance of the saint, the tolerance of the scholar and the fortitude of the certain.

You see…my dearest Elena… When I think of you my thoughts are always of love. When I think of you I can’t think of anything else. Do you think I’m losing it, or is that a normal reaction? Does true love affect everyone like that…or is it just me?

In order for me to write my books I have to feel a dynamic force, and tell me My Dearest Elena what force is more potent than our love? Love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile. True love never lives happily ever after - true love has no ending. Cash and Elena are angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing each another. So My Darling let us fly………..

May our minds think alike and our hearts beat in sync.

I Love You, Big Daddy Cash

When Elena first started writing to me she wrote everyday and sometimes twice a day. However, now her requirements as a nurse have more than doubled and she only has time to write me on Fridays. Her letters make friday my special day. A day when the words in her letters stir up my emotions.

To My Dearest Elena,

How is my lovely Russian lady today? Today of course is a week from the time I am writing this letter. I presume that you'll read it and send me a reply on June the thirteenth where as I'm writing it on June six while anxiously waiting for your letter. You know my dearest a lot can happen in a week. It is not without reason but the whole world could change and even you could change your way of thinking. Look what Almighty God did in just seven days. Oh well, I'm just giving you something to think about.

I've told you about Connie, the lady that rents my upstairs apartment, she's on vacation for two weeks and I'm taking care of her two dogs, Sam and Anchor. With my five that means I have seven dogs in my house. However I don't mind, the more the merrier, as you know, I love animals.

My barbeque party was a Hugh success and my ribs turned out like I said they would. The party lasted all Saturday night and well into Sunday. Two of the guests I invited are professional musicians (Western Music). They brought their guitars and played and sang while the rest of us danced and enjoyed each others company. I love to give parties when everybody has a real good time.

I collect silver and gold coins and my next-door neighbor has a collection she wants to sale. Hard economical times have prompted her to get rid of her coins. I'll be fair and give her the true value of her collection however it will be a good investment because some of her coins will complete some of my sets. A complete set almost doubles in value. She also has a 200 year old penny (1 cent) that will make my collection of pennies worth around $5000. I have only been investing in coins for six months and already I have put most of my savings into silver, gold and copper coins. I have a large glass display cabinet in my den where I like to show off my collection. I'm proud of what I have collected so far and the returns sure beat saving paper currency in a savings account.

As a concerned citizen of the United States I think it is vital to keep informed with political situations world wide. So I'm well aware of what is going on in your country as well as other major countries. I make it a point to research and add these things to my book of knowledge. Sometimes I take for granted what others find important and just how much they know. For example ten years ago, the Russian economy was collapsing, In that decade of transition many hopes were born, and although not all of them have come true, it is a mistake to consider Russia's experience a failure. On the contrary the transformation in Russia has been a 'real revolution' and brought about important changes in the political, economic and social spheres. Where as; in 230 years the United States has grown to a huge, integrated, industrialized economy that makes up over a quarter of the worlds economy. This type of knowledge gives a good citizen a strong foundation. I'm telling you this, Elena, because I want you to know how my mind works. Maybe I shouldn't be so candid but as you know I do and say what I think and I always do things my way.
My Dearest Elena, I'd like to give you a quote from the Bible; ' Love is patient and kind, Love is not jealous, conceited, proud or boastful, it is not arrogant, selfish, irritable or rude. Love does not keep a record of wrongs. Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth, Love never gives up, and its faith, hope and patience never fail. Love is eternal.''
Let's talk openly about our feelings and take time to show that we care. Let's treasure each and every moment because a love like ours is rare.
Elena, I Love You,

Elena sends a picture with each of her letters. Each section of the story will be headed with one of her pictures.

Bill Eager

Now that I’ve got that off my chest let me continue with what I almost drifted away from. I want to tell you a little more about Cash, some of his trials and tribulations and some of his successes. I also want to tell you about the life of his Russian lady Elena.

Let’s start with Elena, without Cashes knowledge; I did an extensive study on her back ground, her education and her life in general. She had eleven years of schooling and was at the top of her class in just about every subject. Her general knowledge is above average and she knows a little bit about virtually everything. I had the privilege to talk to Elena while I was in Russia (I guess you could say spying on her without her knowledge.) and I found her to be intellectually interested in deep subjects. She loves philosophy, medicine and nursing children. She is taking correspondence courses in nursing, English and French and from what I could gather she is doing quite well. She loves to talk and if you let her she’ll talk your head off. She speaks broken English, some times hard to understand but she is a delightful conversationalist.

Cash on the other hand has had very little traditional schooling he had to quit school to help provide for his family. When you ask him about his education he’ll tell you he graduated from the college of hard knocks. He loves martial arts and has won many competitions, it’s a talent that he never talks about. He’s obsessed with writing and reading. He reads everything he can get his hands on and writes about everything he thinks and feels. He was an honored soldier in the Green Beret and has a chest full of metals to prove it. The most intriguing thing about Cash is his devotion for his friends, if you are his friend you are his unconditional friend for life. He likes to share his success and he helps his friends to reach their ultimate goals. I had to share this with you because I love and admire Big Daddy Cash the best friend I’ve ever had.

I have more to tell you about Cash but I’ll save it for later, it’s time to get back to “Love Letters to Elena”…

This is a story of two lovers bridging the gap of over 5000 miles and doing it by email.

This next two letters are from Elena and the following letter is Cashes Reply.

forgotten even to eat and drink coffee and now in my stomach I have
revolution. (Smile). I think, that after I will come home to me it is
necessary to prepare a tasty dish. Oh by the way tell to me my honey
William, you have what meal for a breakfast. In the mornings I
basically drink coffee and I eat porridge or I prepare fried eggs. You
know my honey William, that we with you have the big holiday and it
Valentine's Day. It really our holiday because it is day enamoured.
You always will be only mine Valentine's and my love belongs only to
you. I wish to wish you my love William "Happy Valentine's Day and I
ask you have the big day!!!" I ask you have thought only about me
because it really for me important. I had a fine dream and it was like
a reality. I felt your sweet kisses in my lips and a neck and it was
fantastic. I want, that all our dreams and our meeting there was a
reality. This so big desire, that I am ready to give all for this
desire. I think, that as soon as I will write you William the letter I
will go to the secret place in park and to have some walk. Tell
William you you take a secret place where you could remain one??? I
very much would like, that you took such secret place that when we
together we could remain in this place one. I am very glad, that our
weather became warmer and now it-1 celsius. In it weekend across all
Russia was the big cross-country which is called "the Ski track of
Russia 2008". In our city in this ski track participated almost 15
thousand persons and it much. The smallest sportsman was only 4 years
old. (Smile). I also wished to go but unfortunately I could not do it
because I do not have skis and everything, that I could do that to
observe this ski track. It was valid very interestingly. Tell to me
William, what the new has occurred in your life??? You have what
weather??? I very much want that in your life always all was good also
each your day was successful. I already said to you that I have
confirmed the qualification of the nurse and I am valid very good
nurse. My cat "Happiness" having felt warmly has escaped on street and
I think, that it has escaped to the girlfriend to a cat. (Smile). My
honey William I wish to tell to you also, that in my apartment the
flower has blossomed and it is very good. I think, what this flower
has blossomed from ours with you of love my honey . l You William have
houses flowers??? I very much like to be engaged in planting of
colours and plants and for me would be the big happiness to have the
garden. I think, that this all female features. (Smile). I really feel
the present lady who is intended to love and care of such man as you
William. I have understood for a long time, that that we were are
happy to us it is necessary to be together and then I will really the
happiest lady in the world. I ask you William always write me letters
because they support love in my heart. You my generator of love and me
are necessary, that this generator developed a love considerable
quantity. For last week I so have strongly become bored of you my
honey William, that now I speak much. (Smile). I hope, that your eyes
have not got tired to read my letter. (Smile). Sometimes I think, that
I could remain in the Internet of cafe and write you the biggest in
the world the letter and get to the book of records Guinness. (Smile).
I very much want, that you William have felt all my love to you in
this letter. You my unique man in this life which I so strongly love.
I will wait very much for your letter William. Now I will finish my
letter because I should send you my message of love as soon as
possible. Besides I should have some rest today after these two weeks
of work. This week I will have less works because my the fellow worker
has recovered also it me pleases. The main thing I ask you my honey
William remember, that you and your love in the biggest my riches this
world and I love you very much . Always your loving lady Elena.

Two Hearts United As One. William and Elena

P.S I have written you William my poem and I hope, that you will love
it. I also send you a card and I very much want, that we could have
sweet kisses and embraces. I very much love you William!!!

I am really love to you William !!!
The lasting bliss, the kiss I miss,
The sweetest thoughts without a touch
The heart that hurts and bears a scar
thinking how far away you William are

You William on my mind most of the day
And at night I go to bed and pray
An angel soft and gentle as you
Would make my sweetest dreams come true

Hello my sweetheart William!!! I know, that each time when my letter
arrives to you you have the happy person and a lot of love. I very
much want my dear William that you had always the big mood, happiness
and love in heart. I always aspire to that you my honey William was
happy. And I wish to tell to you, that each time when I see your
letter it is explosion of emotions of love and it like storming ocean
of love. But you William and I your lady we float together at this
ocean of love by a good and convenient boat. I love you my sweet peach
and a sweet William. If you now were together with me I very much
would want will take pleasure in your kisses and embraces. In mine
dreams I always do it, but it is not enough of it and I would like
present your kisses. I very much like to be kissed on the mouth and a
neck and is final in other places which you would like to kiss.
(Smile). I know, that you would like it William to do, because in our
life there is a love and understanding. William my love I all
understand all situation which you now have also I wish to tell to
you, that for me the main thing is you and your love. I know also that
to us time for our meeting will be required but I believe that we can
be together. That concerning your questions I really did not receive
your letter with questions and consequently I ask you to send again
this letter and I will answer all your questions because it is very
important for me. I am glad, that you William have told to me about
Connie and I understand all. Last week I very much missed and today
having come on ours with you appointment I am again happy and I have
the big smile. I worked much, but I already many times said to you my
love William, that I love the work. You always help me with my work in
all and it is given to me easily. On my work all colleagues see, that
in my heart love and I wish William to tell to you, that it is very
difficult to find the happiness in Russia, and found it and you
William my happiness and love. I am very glad, that our weather became
warmer and it is all -3 celsius and it warmly enough. On January, 14th
here in Russia we had a holiday which sounds very silly, but
nevertheless it exists also it "Old New year". All is connected by
that before Russia celebrated New year on Juliansky year, and now on
the Gregorian year as all world and consequently in Russia is
celebrated two times New year. Some people even say, that Russian
people have thought up so much holidays not to work. (Smile). But
nevertheless I worked in it day and it so awfully to work on holidays.
(Smile). After day of "glutton" I had almost whole week of unloading
and ate only salads, porridge and drank juice. I should have some diet
because I know, how the nurse, that cholesterol very badly for health.
But nevertheless my honey William I wish to tell to you, that I have
fine a body and at me is, that you can embrace. (Smile). I think, that
today I will do houses a laundry and house cleaning because I love
when houses an order and is pure. Oh by the way my girlfriend
Valentina spoke to you William big hi. I hope, that you had successful
week and at you all is good. I will be very glad if you tell that the
new has occurred in your life. I ask you my honey William speak to me
where you like to be kissed and as you like to kiss. I very much wish
to receive big your kiss at our meeting. I ask you my love William say
with me about everything, that you wanted also I is glad to divide
always with you any news. I wish to be in your life and to love you.
In Russia have started to show the third season of a film "Lost" and I
look it because I wish to learn the ending of this film. You William
observe this film??? I already said to you, that in our house there is
a cable television and I try to look channel BBC World in English that
it is better to study English language. I wish William to tell to you,
that sometimes I do not understand, that speak on it TV the channel
because they very quickly speak in English. (Smile). Probably, that I
will soon know English language perfection. I hope, that you William
understand all that I write also it very important for me. Tell to me
William you you have Feeling about what we are necessary each other???
I have such feeling since then when has told to you about my love and
I wish to be with you together. You my love for ever will remain in my
heart. My heart belongs now only to you, my love. I during long time
had no such fine feelings as now, and I am obliged to it only to you
William. Only with you William I again could feel the loving and
desired lady. When I have a night shift on work I can sit and think
hours of you my medical I have dream as we meet and thrown each other
in embraces. I have happiness tears, that we together. I really very
much love you William. For me it is very important, that I could be
engaged love only with the favourite person and this man you are
William. When we will be together with you I wish to give you
completely the soul and a body. We with you William will be together
studies to comprehend all depths of pleasure of love and the main
thing we will enjoy the friend the friend together. I very much want,
that you William having received my letter knew that I love you and I
want only you. I will have today some affairs but nevertheless this
day all my next days will be happy because in my life there is you
mine a sweet William. I ask you my love answer my letter because I
always wait for your letter and it is very important for me. Now I
will finish this letter and I will have some walk in park and thought
on you William and about our meeting. I very much love you and I send
you my embraces and kisses. Always your loving lady Elena.

Two Hearts United As One. William and Elena

Hello My Dearest Elena,

Thank you for the surprise poem and card, they made my valentines day complete. As usual your letter removed all the clouds and drifting snow from my day and gave me sunshine and happiness.

The weather here in Salt Lake City has been the worst of the worst. The wind has caused so much damage to my property that it’s going to take thousands of dollars to do all the repairs. It blew my fences down and took the roofs off my storage sheds and garage. I am completely snowed in, the roads are closed and it is a blizzard outside. There is over four feet of snow but that’s not the problem the wind keeps on blowing and getting stronger, there are drifts over 10 feet high, and they keep shifting from one place to another. I can’t remember the weather ever being this bad.

You asked me what I liked for breakfast, well, I’m fixing my favorite breakfast right now. Close your eyes and join me! Here it is…I hope you enjoy. A tender rare rib eye steak covered with mushrooms and sweet onions…two eggs over easy…hash brown potatoes and dollar size pancakes with maple syrup. Top it all off with a cup of coffee and a glass of fresh orange juice with a small heated cinnamon role drenched in butter. I hope that fits your fancy! It’s a great way to start a lousy day. I mean it helps make up for the miserable weather.

This afternoon I am going to have to put my snow shoes on and walk to the store, I hope I don’t blow away. Unfortunately I didn’t get stocked up with groceries before this latest storm hit. This is a must that I am not looking forward too. It sure would be nice if the wind would magically blow all this damn snow away and then stop blowing. To bad that only happens in dreams and not reality.

Speaking of dreams, I have been dreaming of you, dreaming dreams beyond your possible imagination. God it would be nice to hold you in my arms and have the warmth of your embrace. You are so beautiful that these pleasant thoughts always cause an emotion explosion.

I’m sorry my dear, I have to go now…I have to try to shovel the walks for my renters.

Love, Big Daddy Cash

Hello my honey William!!! My love in the beginning of this letter I
wish to tell to you, that I very much you strongly love also all this
time very much missed on you. My honey William I am very happy, that
today I can write you the letter and tell about how I love you. I
know, that you also on me missed, but today ours with you day and ours
with you a meeting. I hope, that having received today my letter you
will be the happiest man in the world and your day will be successful.
My love William forgive me that I so long did not write to you, but I
all this time worked much. My the fellow worker was ill also to me it
was necessary to work much. At last today I have free day and I can
write you William the letter. Each my day when I worked I thought to
you and all my thoughts were with you my medical Sometimes mine think
about you prevented to work to me and I became thoughtful. (Smile).
You William have such condition??? I think, that I am enamoured in you
from feet to a head and I love in you all my sweet peach William. For
me it there were really very difficult days without your letters, but
today that happy day when I can write you the letter full of love. I
have risen today very much early because wished to come in the cafe
Internet as soon as possible. The manager the cafe Internet very much
was surprised having seen me standing at the cafe Internet. But I have
told, that it is necessary for me to sit down as soon as possible for
the computer and to write you William the letter. And now I write you
this letter. I have risen so early and have quickly put on, that have

I told you how cash and I met and instantly became friends. Let me tell you now, before I continue, my concept of friends. I think real success begins with a friend and everything else in life is a bonus. If your dreams and desires are to become rich and famous and you set your goals to make this your main purpose in life, what good would it all be without friends? You should treat a friendship like a rose garden, feed it with love, kindness and understanding and watch it blossom into a beautiful rose. There is nothing more valuable than a true friend, all other successes in your life's journey mean nothing if you can't share them with a friend.

Part Three

Hello this is Bill Eager through out "Love Letters to Elena" I'll edit and narrate for your convenience. This is a true and ongoing story of a love affair on the internet. All of the letters are original, presented just as they were written. We haven’t corrected the grammar or the spelling so accept them just as they are.

Elena doesn’t have a computer; very few of the common people in Russia can afford a computer. So if Elena wants to surf the net she has to do it at a place called the Internet Café. The café is where she likes to relax after a long day of nursing and she loves to use the computer. Mostly she likes writing to her pen pal William, we know William as Big Daddy Cash. Let's look in on Elena as she visits the Internet Cafe.

'Elena', Speaking to her subconscious mind.

Today seemed to be much longer than most. Today is the day for Williams letter. Why can’t I get him off my mind? Why do I feel that he‘s more than a pen pal?. Why is he so different than the Russian men I know? Is it his wit, his charm or is it his unusual letters? Tell me my heart, tell me mind, I need to know. It was that last letter that started me thinking. It was so childish yet it was entertaining, I’ve never got a letter like that, it caused me to laugh, to cry and to wonder. Tell me mind, what’s inside this man that makes him so unique. Well, I better hurry if I want to get to the Internet Café before it closes.

Afon is the proprietor of the Internet Café, he’s just getting ready to lock the doors when he sees Elena running towards him. She hollers “Afon…Afon, Please don’t close yet” Afon smiles and thinks to himself, What a pretty girl!!

“ Hi Elena, your late.”

"I came to check my e-mail and write to William. Is it Okay”

“ You are my special customer Elena you can come in and stay as long as you want.”

Elena stepped inside the door than turned a round to take in the vista of the sun setting on the Volga River. She thought to herself

*I wish William were here to see this beautiful sight*

Then she walked in and sat down at the computer. She looked over at Afon and said;

“Afon could you please help me with the English words.

Afon laughed and said;

“I think you got a crush on that guy.”

Elena smiled and said;

“ He’s not just a guy, he’s my William.”

And they both laughed! Elena thought to herself, Why do I call him My William? He’s not My William he’s just another guy.

Elena gives out a happy hoot and a holler;

“Afon… It’s here! It’s Here!” She opens it and starts to read…

My Dearest Elena,

The answer to your first question is easy. Of course I love corresponding with you. Your dialogue is a channel of communication that lightens and brightens my heart. The only thing better then receiving your letter would be a gentle hug and a simple kiss on the cheek.

The Internet Café sounds like it is your special place to find sanctuary. A Safe Haven where you can find peace of mind and serenity. I’m glad you have a place like that to relax and relieve your daily burdens.

When I’m tired and the pressures of my day are overwhelming I love to take my guitar and go sit under my weeping willow tree (with my loving little critters) and sing my problems away. I’ve written several songs that fit my moods and express my feelings. You might say that reminiscing is my Safe Haven.

You Russians celebrate more holidays than Hallmark Greeting Cards. It is just one more reason to pull the cork out of the vodka bottle. I know there is a big difference between Russia and America and what holidays they celebrate and don’t. I know that you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day and that you don’t celebrate any of the ethnic holidays that America has like St. Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day, or Martin Luther King Day, although I’m sure that you could get behind the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, specially Valentina's husband. The reason I bring this up Elena, is that in your letter you mentioned celebrating a holiday and I’m not aware of a Russian holiday this month. If you mentioned this in a prior letter I must have missed it, Sorry.

Thanksgiving day is my favorite holiday and to my knowledge that’s a day you don’t celebrate in Russia. It is the one day here in America that we give thanks for all the blessings we have received.(freedom of religion, of speech, and of repression.) I love giving gifts at Christmas time and on birthdays. I also loved to send flowers as a reminder to the receiver, of my love. If you were here in America you’d more then likely get flowers from me at least once a week.

My Dear Elena, the way you use words always accelerates a pleasure in me that is hard to explain. Phrases like, I have wonderful mood, emotion explosion, having great joy, like beautiful fairy tale, you light me life and give me a great energy, to connect with you, these written emotions come from inside a very special person. I love receiving your letters and exchanging thoughts with you. That is my attitude to our correspondence.

Here in my country, especially in my city, July is a very important month. The 4th of July is independence day, the day we all celibrate our constitutional right to be Free. All through the month fireworks are displayed in magnificeint glory and parties galore in the public parks and private homes of all the free thankful people. My brother Clintons birthday is on the 9th of July and I'm thankful that he's still around because we almost lost him a few months ago when he had a heart attack. The 24th of July is when Salt Lake City was founded by a group of Mormon pioneers. Today, It's Utahs capital city and the home of almost a quarter million residents. So my dear Elena that's why us Salt Lakers view July as the most important month of the year.

Dear Elena you've asked me several times to tell you about the city I call my home. I've told you some but here's a little more trivia you might find interesting. In 1847, a group of Mormon pioneers, led by Brigham Young, headed out on a journey across the land with covered wagons and handcarts, determined to make a life in the west. They began the journey because they were suffering religious persecution where they were living in Nauvoo, Illinois. It is said that as Brigham Young gazed out on the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847, he proclaimed "This is the Place".

To make it through their first, most critical winter, they immediately planted crops so they could survive the winter, since they were all alone with no supplies or established trade route.

They were inundated by a plague of crickets which started eating the crops and threatened thier survival. But just when hope seemed gone, the seagulls swarmed in and ate the crickets. It was proclaimed that the miracle was an act of God, and the seagull was designated the state bird.

The Mormon Pioneers, originally named the area we now know as Utah, "Deseret", but the name was changed when they joined with the other states in the union and the state was officially named Utah.

For the 150 year anniversary (in 1997), a group of people made the trek from Nauvoo to Salt Lake City with handcarts and covered wagons and dressed in the traditional style. This was a sight to behold and I witnessed it as they crossed the summit and gathered around the "This is the place monument."

Well, My Dear Elena, as you can see, I’ve kept our appointment. You’ll find my letter in your email tonight when you get to the Café. I Love you my friend, Big Daddy Cash

Elena in thought;

Here I am again. Talking to my self. I know William loves me I can just feel it. He says he loves me as a friend but in my heart I know he wants me to be more then a friend. He said in the first part of his letter that the only thing better than a letter from me would be a hug and a kiss. I wonder, did he really mean that or was he just trying to impress me or make me feel good? I’m so confused, just thinking about him excites me but is it love or lust.


“Yes Elena, can I help you with something”

“Is it to late for me to write a letter to William.”

“I’m in no hurry and I told you, you could stay as long as you wanted.”

“Oh, Thank you Afon.”

Again, she thought to herself;

Oh, I know I’ve fallen in love with him, I so long for his touch. If he were here a whisper in my ear would settle my emotions.

“Afon, This is going to be a hard letter for me to write. Will you help me find the right words.”

“Sure honey, anything you want.”

My Dear William

Hello William, my dear friend! I am happy to write you again.I was glad to know about it. I want to tell you William that it becomes more
and more interesting for me to communicate with you. I think it is so great. I hope that you have the same feelings. And if it is so, it is very wonderful that two people get pleasure from communicating with each other. There are only a few people with whom I can feel so freely
and pleasantly as with you. It is surprising that there is the man in the world who is so far from me but has such a close and native soul.
Oh, how it is wonderful! What do you think of my words? It happens so that I feel the warmth communicating with someone. And I feel it with
you. It is very cold here, but you warm me and my heart, despite of a lot of kilometers between us… When we began to correspond I didn’t
even expect that it will be so! I am happy! Today I met my friend Valentina (Valya). She asked me to say you hello. We were talking a lot, including about you William. She said that she was so happy that we have a wonderful correspondence. I was very joyful after the talk
with her. She wished a lot of pleasant things. She is so glad for me and she want me be very fine. We always so worry about each other,
take care. I don’t know what I would do without my dear friend. She always helps me. She is with me in trouble and in joy (I have written you this). I can tell you a little about her. She is married, she has 3 children. Her family is big, but not almost happy, because her husband drinks, very often he can is in the bar, he spend on drink all his salary. Valentina wanted to divorce but she couldn’t do it because
of children. She has a lot of difficult life, but nobody knows about this. She always looks very cheerful. Only I know everything about her life. She is very strong person. I can’t imagine my life without her. She has a wonderful and clever, well-educated children, I love them very much. I try to indulge them when I have the possibility on it.
They have a big and nice black dog. Do you have a pet? If yes, what pet? What is your attitude to home animals? And as for me I like
animals and especially I love home animals. My most favorite pet the dog, but certainly I love cats, but less. I love dogs for their fidelity, faithfulness. They are so open and tender. I like dogs maybe because I value the same the in the people: fidelity, fidelity, openness, tenderness. I remember that in childhood there were always
animals in our house. But now unfortunately I have no the possibility to have a pet. I live in the one room flat and the lodger lives with me. I have been constrained to start up her on an apartment to survive with such a small salary as I have. I didn’t see any decision of this problem, but this money is not enough… Don’t think I am greedy. It is so because my salary is too small to live. Almost every month I help my friend with finance, because her children need many things. I understand her situation and that is why I help her. It is difficult to live in Russia, but we do not surrender. It is necessary to be strong if you want to live! And also I think we must not forget our close and dear people. Do you William agree with me? I am sorry dear I need togo, because I have a additional earnings - I make the injections to patients at home. And I have to go. Please, forgive me!
I hope you will answer me soon! I will wait for it! Bye-bye! Yours Elena.

P.S. I Think I Love You William. I'm sending you a picture of Valya and me,I hope you like.

Part Four

All the letters found in this story are authentic, true emotions created by love. Each letter that Elena writes is another arrow for Cupids bow. Is the arrow going to hit my heart, It's possible that it already has...?

Hello, again William! I am so happy that your have answered me! How
are you? What weather do you have? I was looking to the window and I
felt so sad and alone. I don't know, don't understand what was going
with me. And suddenly I remembered you, William, my mood became very
good after it. The thoughts of you warmed my heart. It is so great
that now there is the man, even thoughts about whom can encourage and
cheer up me, help me to live. When I thought of you i felt not alone.
William weather in our city warm also is +20 celsisus. I very much
like to celebrate easter and Christmas. My birthday will be on March,
8th. I very much love animals and I have a familiar cat, which name
"Happiness". Favourite my music is a classical music. I want to tell
you William about my town and show you some photos of it. Cheboksary
is the Russian town, which is in the north of Russia. It is the center
of the Chuvash republic. It is the unique town, where the history and
the modernity are equally interesting. There are the surprizing and
original museums and monuments in our town. I know that the population
of it is about the 470 000 people. Out town is shared on some areas,
some of which are intended for living and some of them are an
industrial zone. Town is not big, it is very comfortable, clean,
well-groomed, tidy and beautiful. i like it very much. It is very
green. We have a wonderful river Volga. Have you William ever heard
about it? This river has it's inflows, which miss in a medial
direction and share the town on administrative areas. The inflows
converge in the Volga gulf. And we have the quay. I like river. I have
spent a lot of time looking to the brilliant smooth surface. When I
want to think of something I come to the river. It gives me positive
energy, clears me. i like to come to quay. I enjoy of walking on the
streets of evening Cheboksary. It is so wonderful, it is full of
lights. There are a lot of fountains in the town. It is really
wonderful on the river, especially in the evening. There is one place
there a the fountains tower above the river. And the quay is good
decorated with white benchs, lanterns. It is so pleasant to spend time
there, to sit there, to think, to dream...Also we have the magnificent
churches. We have very interesting temple, which is on the coast of
the river and the road is stretched to it through all river. It is
called "the road to temple" It was unbelievable for me to see it in
the first time. I can not describe by the words how is it wonderful. I
visit churches often. I really trust in God. And what about you, do
you believe in God, what is your religion? I try to go to the church
near with my home so often as I can. We have fine theatres. And even
we have McDonalds. Our town is so wonderful, interesting and
surprizing. I can tell you about it for a lot of time! But
unfortunately i need to go. I am sending you William alot of photos,
including that area where I live. I hope that you will like these
pictures and will tell me about your living place with sending the
pictures too. O.k?! I will wait very-very much! Bye-bye,dear William.
Yours friend Elena.

There is no doubt in my mind I had fallen deeply and hopelessly in love. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep and I was starting to fantasize.

I wanted to let Elena know but I couldn't find the right words. How could I possibly fall in love with a woman less than half my age. This couldn't be happening. I had to write her a letter, but how, I couldn't find the words.

I was having unbelievable mood swings like nothing I'd ever had. I had to write but without words how is that possible.

Finally I sat down at my keyboard and started typing as fast as I could and never hesitating, the words started to flow, every thought hit the paper. When I finished I had a letter, it was a long letter covering everything from soup to nuts. It wasn't what I intended it to be but it was all I could come up with so I sent it.

Hello Elena, you ask how I am and this is my answer to you; "I'm doing just fine for the shape that I'm in, slightly under the weather but still in the race." Please don't feel so sad and alone, close your eyes and I'll be there to cheer you up. Your happiness is important to me. As your close friend and pen pal I want your heart to flitter and flutter and rejoice with each new day.

Thanks for the pictures, I've added them to my picture gallery along with the pictures you previously sent. The buildings were grand but the picture of you was lovely. One look at you makes me feel young again.

I'm glad to hear that you love animals, somehow I knew you would. My family of animals give me true unconditional love. They're with me through the good times and the bad. I have a deep rooted addiction to all animals. I have found more love, understanding, and companionship through my association with animals then most people find in a lifetime. I've always offered sanctuary and care to needy animals and my rewards have been greater then my efforts..All the stray cats in my neighborhood gather round my kitchen window twice a day waiting to be fed and get a little love and attention. Your four legged feline friend "Happiness" can do just that ! Bring a great deal of love and happiness into your life.

My daughters decided to stay with me for an extra week so I'm planning a fishing trip for them and my grand kids. My daughters used to go fishing with me when they were real young. They tell me those times were the best times of their life. I reminisce about the past when my family was still young and in their prime. I think about all the good times we had. Anyway the kids are all out loading my RV for the fishing trip. They're all excited and waiting for their Big Daddy Cash to get up and go

How's the most beautiful lady in Cheboksary Russia. I have a magnetic attraction to all the beautiful things in this world of ours. Art, music, poetry, oceans and rivers, the earth and the sky, these are all creations of beauty that add to the pleasures of my life. Now I can add another item to this list of mine. A beautiful and extraordinary women from Cheboksary Russia.

You might find this message a little unusual and that's simply because I'm in an unusual mood today. I hope what I write will be alright and not bore you into a deep and dreamless sleep. I don't want to have to send a Night in Silver Armor to come and kiss you to bring you back to the world of reality. So read on at your own risk then you can't blame me if you end up on a Nut Farm.

This is what it would be like to spend Spend a Day With Cash and His Family. Well, Let me see! There’s Lady, there’s Charley, There's SweetHeart There's Dancing Bear and there's Me. The five of us make up Cashes immediate family. Lady’s a Lab, I’m an Old Fart, Charley’s a mystery, Sweethearts a Bull Dog, and Dancing Bear is a Old Golden Retriever. I own a four plex and I live with my family in one of my basement apartments. It's a two bedroom apartment that has all the luxuries we need. Our living room has a wall to wall T.V. , a large easy chair for lady and one for me, the couch belongs to Charley and Sweetheart and the living room floor belongs to Dancing Bear. We start out each day with faith in our hearts knowing that with God on our side all our dreams will come true.

I have my office and I call it Cashes Office of Thought, with my desk, filing cabinets, and electronic toys.

Lady, Charley, Sweetheart and Bear have their bedroom which they call Cashes Dog House it has a king size bed that they sometimes share with me.

The kitchen has all the modern appliances we need and we call it Cashes Chow Hall it even has a stacked washer and drier.

The whole place is real comfy and cozy. If you have love in your heart to share, the gifts that you give, will let the whole world know that you care. If you have love in your home it’s my promise you’ll never be alone.

We have a huge back yard, the size of a small park, for the dogs to romp and play in. I call the five of us the Five Insiders because in addition to our family we have, I call the HoBo Outsiders, all the ..hobo.. transient and stray cats in the neighborhood.The Five Insiders love the HoBo Outsiders ! I feed the HoBo Outsiders and give them love and attention and the dogs chase them to give them the exercise they need to stay fit. We all live together as one big happy family. Through unconditional love and compassion we can change the world.

Our day begins, and this is a typical day in the life of Cashes Family. In the mornings my Canines are always waiting for me at the kitchen door to be let out to romp and take care of their morning business, of course that includes chasing all the HoBo Outsiders out of the yard. This is a ritual that takes place every morning, the dogs chase, the cats hide. When I bring the dogs in to have their breakfast all the cats come out of hiding and gather round my back porch to be fed. I’m the only human they’ll come close to if anyone else is around they all scatter. They have learned to love me and trust me and they all expect that little bit of special attention I give them.

Each day we share with each other the greatest gift of all and it’s given from our hearts for the whole world to see.

When I've been away for the night time I have a little job to do that isn’t to pleasant, but never the less has to be done. Little Charley can’t hold his business for the whole time that I’m gone so he does it on the bathroom floor right in front of the toilet . I have to clean it up and sanitize it, immediately, so that it won’t smell up our house. Our house is a total mess all the time but it’s never dirty it just looks well lived in. Charley never does his thing in the house if there is someone at home to let him out. Some days I feel like a dog and others I feel like the hydrant but mostly I feel like I’m loved.

Now that I’ve got everybody fed and all the little messes cleaned up I fix myself a large cup of coffee and sit down at my computer where I’ll spend the next four or five hours doing business on line or composing e-books. In the twilight years of my life the computer has become a major part. I conduct business, do my banking, and all of my corresponding using my computer. I even use the computer for a lot of my entertainment.

My four legged family knows I don’t like to be disturbed when I’m using the computer so usually they lay quietly at my feet enjoying my presence.

I try to take the four leggers for a walk or a drive every day (They love going for a drive). They sit at attention and observe everything that goes on all around us where ever we drive. When we’re out walking they have to check out every house and Lady has to pee in every yard. I guess that’s called marking your territory. Lady loves to run (She’s as strong as a mule) so usually it’s not I taking them for a walk it’s them taking me.

I try to get a few hours rest in the afternoons but inevitably something comes up the minute I lay down to rob me of my sleep. Sometimes I’m lucky just getting an hour or two.

Charley’s a watch dog who will guard our home, usually by sleeping where a burglar would awaken us all by falling over him. Lady’s a great watch dog too she’ll watch the burglars take what ever they want.

My dogs can express more with their tails in minutes than most people can express with their tongue in hours.

Never judge a dog's pedigree by the kind of boots he does or does not chew.(Lady likes Tony Lamas)

I’ll always sympathize with the underdog, except of course when the other dog is mine.

Loving, sharing, and understanding are the main ingredients in our little family. My dogs have been taught to know love and kindness. Meanness and hate is not in their life. Sure they chase the cats because that’s what dogs do but when they catch them that’s it. Games over!

If there’s a moral to spending a day with Cashes Family it’s all in Loves way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you, Love, Big Daddy Cash

After sending this letter I picked up my guitar and went out on my patio and spent hours singing all the sad love songs that I could remember. I wasn’t happy with the letter that I just mailed to Elena because in my mind I realized how stupid it made me sound, just imagine all the things that I wrote about, people don’t say things like that in a letter. I wished there was a way I could stop the letter but it was too late it was on its way. When I want to forget I always play my guitar and sing my thoughts away. Elena will think I’m some kind of nut and I’ll never hear from her again. God what have I done?

Part Five

Cash has a younger brother Clinton who always seems to know when Cashes needs a friend. Clinton is four years his junior but he always treats Cash as if he were his senior. He has helped Cash through some very difficult times and he loves his brother with a deep unconditional love. He's not always right but he's always there to lend a helping hand. What you are witnessing now is an unscheduled visit where Clinton catches Cash by surprise and Cash tries to be funny to cover his true feelings.

“Hi little brother, Ha Ha! You’re four years away from being my big brother.”

“That’s more like it Cash, Makes me happy to see that you still have sense of humor.”

“You bet I have, little brother. What brought you back so soon? I wasn’t expecting you until next week.”

“Curiosity got the best of me I had to see what you’d done about your falling star.”

“Elena is much more the just a falling star she is a blast of stars from the whole galaxy. Her outstanding beauty and affectionate personality have completely captured me heart and soul .

She has left me in a dizzy spell.

I‘m her prisoner of love...

What can I say? I'm stunned by the splendor of her individuality.

To be blunt she’s brought out the little boy, young man, Lover and Saint in me.

Bet you didn‘t know that I was a poet.”

“Hmm, It sounds like you finally fell off your rocker.”

“ I may have, but from now on I’m going to do things my way.”

“Now you’re beginning to sound like my brother.”

“Come on Clint lets go bowling.”

“Sorry, I can’t…I’m on my way to see Tony Robbins. He’s giving a seminar at the Special Events Center. I was wondering if you’d like to go.”

“Not this time Clint…My mind is fine, It’s my heart that needs surgery.”

“Is there something you want to tell me,? I’ve got a feeling that you need a shoulder to cry on.”

“Get out of here brother I wouldn’t want you to miss the guru’s lecture. Maybe we can get together tomorrow for lunch.”

“No sooner said then done, I’ll give you a call and will set the place. So long! Have a good one.”

Cash had a lot to think about and was in a mental turmoil when Clinton unexpectedly dropped bye his visit helped to release the tension. Alone again he decide to write Elena a letter.

To My Dearest Elena,

I just read your letter my dear Elena. It touched my heart so deeply that I started to cry. They say that grown men don't cry, don't you believe it! How I wish that we were two seeds planted next to each other in a garden of love. Then we could grow together and bloom in the magnificence of life. Wishes and fantasies are all that true life has to offer us because we have to live in reality. You are mine when I close my eyes and dream and I am yours. Any other kind of life is unimaginable because I’m in in the twilight of mine and you are in the glorious beginning of yours.

We are over the hump in what has been a very exciting week and heading for a weekend of rest and relaxation. It also looks like summer and fall has gone and left room for another season. I can’t believe it but it’s snowing so I guess that means winter is officially here. Here in Salt Lake we didn’t have a real Fall season, not unless you can call a week or ten days a season. The leaves on the trees started changing from green to a mixture of colors mostly in combinations of yellow brown and gold and as usual Gods given beauty was a glorious sight to behold but to my discontent it didn‘t last long enough for me to enjoy. With such a short season there wasn’t much of a chance to take in all of its beauty.

I love the beauty of nature, each season contributes its own unique treasure. Since we are only allowed twelve months a year I think that each season should last a full three months.The ozone layer is making such drastic changes in our atmospheric climates that soon there will only be two seasons a year, summer and winter. So I guess we will just have to learn how to enjoy what we get, when we get it.

I have noticed that the quality of my written word is better when I use meditation to help me create new thoughts and ideas. I love to meditate in the middle of the night, at my keyboard, staring at my monitor, all alone and undisturbed. That’s when I do my best thinking.

Sometimes I’ll spend all night meditating and using my imagination, I have also found that (for me) this is the best time to use the power of self suggestion. When I am real tired and my eyelids are heavy it’s real easy to put myself in a hypnotic state. Elena you would be astounded and captivated at what the mind can accomplish if given the opportunity and put to the task. It never ceases to amaze me!

This aught to start your day off with a bang. I hope you don’t find it offensive. It is something that I received in a letter from a friend. As you will note, it was written by a doctor; One day I had to be the bearer of bad news when I told a wife that her husband had died of a massive myocardial infarct. Not more than five minutes later, I heard her reporting to the rest of her family that he had died of a "massive internal fart! " (Dr. Susan Steinberg, Manitoba, Canada). That should keep a grin on your face as you think about it today it might even make your friends laugh. That is if they don’t wear stiff collars.

I just had to pass that on, I couldn’t stop laughing for almost an hour. Laughter is pretty good medicine sometimes it will cheer a person up when nothing else works. My dearest Elena fantasies work just as well as laughter. Each evening I have been taking you for walks down lovers lane. I even put my arms around you and hold you close so that I can feel your body, the rhapsody of your breathing, and the beat of your passionate heart.

If you still have the banner that brought you to this site and you've returned here to read your pass letter. I removed it and sent it to you via email.

You want to know something that has really created a new and exciting emotion inside of me? Well, my dear Elena, It is the times in the middle of the night that I spend in a fantasy world with you.

There are times when I’m working on my manuscript when I can’t get words to come to life but If I close my eyes and take you in my arms for just a few minutes when I open my eyes the words come like raging fire.

I never get lonely because I know when I close my eyes you’ll always be there. Until I met you I never really believed in fantasy. But now fantasies have become the most delightful part of my very existence.

The moments I spend with you are the moments I cherish, moments I want to hang on to forever. I know that the difference in our ages makes a real live romance out of the question, if I could find the fountain of youth I’d change that in an instant but until then I’ll just have to love you in my dreams.

When I’m dreaming of you I break all of the rules that make life difficult, you and I in each others arms burning with the passion of desire, makes me reckless with my heart. I’ve grown to love you Elena, your beauty, your visions, your letters and your thoughts and desires all give me, as you have put so well, an emotion explosion.

Loving you is like learning to love all over again, yours forever in the world we have created together, Big Daddy Cash

P.S. You know Elena, we have been casual friends, friends, more then friends and now lovers in our own little world and I still don't know your last name. Of course I'm not in love with names my dear Elena, I'm in love with you, but it would be nice to know.

Part Six

This is Bill Eager with a brief comment about Love Letters.There are countless ways to articulated love, but the most enduring and most cherished will always remain the unique love letter. The best love letters come from the heart. When you write poetic love letters to your sweetheart you write love letters that will be cherished forever. It really doesn’t matter what you write it’s what you say and how you say it. For example;

To My Dearest Sweetheart Elena, Hello my dearest Elena your love has reached my heart today, and deep in me it has come to stay, finding a home till all time meets end. In my life, you've carved a niche, leaving a mark so indelibly etched, and nothing fits to take its place.

In my future, I see your presence, in ways so loving and happily spent, feeding my dreams as I take a view of my dearest and darling Elena. To love is to share life together to build special plans just for two to work side by side and then smile with pride as one by one, our dreams all come true.

To love is to help and encourage with smiles and sincere words of praise to take time to share to listen and care in tender, affectionate ways.

To love is to have someone special one who you can always depend to be there through the years sharing laughter and tears as a partner, a lover, a friend..

To love is to make special memories of moments you love to recall of all the good things that sharing life brings love is the greatest of all.

I've learned the full meaning of sharing and caring and having my dreams all come true, the full meaning of being in love and by being and loving with you…As I hope you can plainly see my love keeps growing as I think of you. You really are my dearest Elena. Our love will grow, much stronger, and shine forever, our love will be blessed with divine power. I want to live every moment with you, I want to live every life with you, you mean so much to me no one can love me more than you.

I will give my whole life to you, promise me you will always be the same. No matter what destiny brings for us. You will always be my true lover. Our hearts meet and our love is unconditional for ever an always. I Love You, Big Daddy Cash

There is a special magic in a love letter. No matter what you say if you sign it with love the words become indelible.

To My Dearest Elena,

Hello my dearest, here I am at my keyboard trying to write a manuscript and all I can do is think of you. I can think of the words I want to say to you but for the life of me my thoughts are dead when it comes to my manuscript. So if I want to get anything done I figured I better write you a letter. When I say what’s in my mind and from my heart then I can go back to work.

Last night in my fantasy world I took you on a date trip. We flew to New York City and dined and danced at the famous Club Cabana (where all the famous movie stars go) after a epicurean delight we went to the top of the Empire State Building where I held you and kissed you as we viewed the wonder of the New York City night lights. With you in my arms the feeling of love and romance filled the atmosphere with the feeling of foreverness, love eternal. Early in the morning we went ice skating at Radio City Music Hall than we watched the Radio City Dancers parade in their magnificent costumes. It was a date meant for only me and my wonderful Elena.

Today is a beautiful day here in Salt Lake City it's a perfect day for working out in my yard. Lately I have been working in my yard a whole lot. Today I think I'll plant a vegetable garden stuff like cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, peppers and squash. I’ve just the right place for my veggies underneath my Snowball bush. They’ll get plenty sun in the mornings and lots of shade in the afternoons. I want to put a few strawberry plants scattered through my Rock Gardens. I don’t have much of a green thumb so I don’t expect everything to grow, if it does than in about 5 weeks I’ll have enough of everything to supply my renters and some of my neighbors.

I don’t know whether I told you in my last letter but my little dog Charley has gone blind. I wish I could do something to make him see again but it appears to be irreversible. Poor little guy he’s really having a bad time of it. I hope that when he adjusts he regains his Feistiness.

Well my dearest Elena I have to get back to my manuscript so adios for now my love.

Forever and Unconditional,
Yours Forever, Big Daddy Cash

Bill Eager back again with a moment of truth. “Letters to Elena” written by my friend Big Daddy Cash is a collection of over two years of letters from two different cultures from two people who fell in love on the highways and byways’ of the Internet. This collection reflects an entire range of romantic emotions that can be expressed with the unique power of words. Words that I’m sure Cash and Elena will value and treasure for a life time.

Hello My Dearest Elena,

Some of the most superb feelings and tingling emotions come from what love an Angel, such as yourself, and I make, two hearts united as one. Our world, as we have come to see it, has no bearing and an infinite boundary when we are locked lips to lips in our fantasy world. No one person can sever that bond of nothing but pure affection and intimate passion. We are the Angels of Our Paradise and with merely our names to live with. A name, which consists of nothing more than symbols of a language taken for granted, the language of love. I would soon rather speak nothing. A true test of love of which we have accomplished merely by the elucidation in our eyes.

Earth moves with such apathy that only Our Heaven can keep the pace of our devotion for one another. As slow as the heart beat of a goliath at rest. Why would the world seem so passive? I believe it is a chance for us to make our own time to spend together. It is love. It is what binds the thoughts of all beings trying to understand it. It appears that you and I have fallen into love, without having looked for it. This is Heaven and we are the Angels of Our Name....two hearts united as one.
You are so beautiful, I just wanted to do something simple to say I love you and keep that smile I love so much on your face. I want everyone to know how much you mean to me. Ever since you have entered my life, I've been flying on Cloud 9 and I have not come down yet.

I could tell you this everyday, you are the most beautiful person I know, inside and out and I see that more clearly with each passing day. I love everything about you, about us. You do something to me that no other has, you have made me so happy, the happiest I've ever been. You give me the most amazing feelings inside, the feeling of being in love with you.

I still don't know what I did to be so lucky to have you in my life, my dream come true... I am so thankful . Together, we have grown so much and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. I love you, my dearest Elena, with all my heart and soul, always and forever!

I can't really find the words to explain the way I feel when I get your letters or when I see your pictures... all I can say is that I like the feeling that I feel. You are a real intelligent, enchanting woman and you’ve given me the emotion explosion that sets me on fire. How lucky can one fellow be…?

If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine...Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.
I Love You My Darling,

Big Daddy Cash

Elena has her own unique way of sending love to her man William. She opens her heart with sweet innocence showing her love for a man that she has never met in person a love as pure as new fallen snow.

Good day my love William!!! Always having received your letter I have feeling of happiness and love. You for me the important person in my life which takes the big place in my heart. Only thinking of you
William I have hot heart and desire to be engaged with you love. I really yet did not meet you my honey William, but I feel, that you that man who will do me happy. I know, that you William feel too most and our hearts united as one. My honey William I very much missed on you, to that-that every day I think of you. I think what you William now do??? With whom you??? I really envy those people who see you and I can tell to you "Hi William!!!" But I think, that we will soon correct this situation and we can be together. You William very good man and I have understood it under your letters. You William have opened to me the heart and I am happy, that you accepted my love. I really very much worked all last week and I thought of us much. I want, that you William have gone to the hospital and said to doctors, that the care is necessary for you and you require the private nurse and consequently please cause Elena from Russia. (Smile). You William think is a good idea. I will be the good nurse, but also I will be your loving lady. You know my honey William, that the lady who to love very strongly can do very happy the man. And in my life such man is you William. I know, that you really wait for me and I know also, that you would like my love and care. Think only William that each time having come home will wait for you I your woman who loves you and wishes to have about you the big care. I ask you William my honey now reading my letter to close eyes and to think of me. You feel my hot kiss in your lips??? Yes I so do having closed eyes and having presented you William I feel your hot hands and lips which caress my raised body. You always with me. Only I ask you do not think that I crazy. (Smile). Last week was very difficult, to that-that now such weather, that constantly it would be desirable to sleep. Once I even have fallen asleep at myself in an office and it is good, that it nobody has noticed. (Smile). I hope, that you will not follow such example me. (Smile). Now we have cold enough weather and it already now + 1 celsius. But snow while is not present. On work under a uniform I carry a warm sweater, that-that sometimes to me should go to the next building of hospital behind a medicine. Before hospital ther is a park in which patients and it really very good park walk.
Sometimes I walk together with my small patients. I love the work. William I hope, that in your life all is good and if you have any questions you can set to me them. You my honey William can divide with me all problems and I will be glad to help you council. My girlfriend Valentina to which I visited yesterday asked to speak to you big hi. I wish to tell to you William very good news I finished courses of massage and now I can practice massage. Tell to me you I would like to be the first client who will have from me massage. (Smile). I wish at once William to tell to you, that as you my man whom I strongly love
massage will be with a sensuality element. I think, that you William very much would love this kind of massage. (Smile). Tell to me what you now have weather??? Today I have started to read the new book on medicine and it is interesting enough book, to that-that she is still illustrated. I very much wish to become the doctor and to arrive in the higher school. You think William at me it will turn out??? But it
is all in the future and main my purpose is a meeting with you and to do you by the happy man. William my honey I think, that we will be with you in fine pair and many your friends will admire with us. But you William will smile and speak only to the friends is my lady and I am glad, that the destiny has given to me it is chance. I think, that it will be happy time for us with you William. Each my day coming home in the evening I take a hot shower and after that I read the book or I look TV. I already said to you William, that I very much love the channel "Animal Planet" and also "Discovery". On the channel "Animal Planet" there is a transfer "Most funny animals" and always when I look this that I have very big smile. If you William have a possibility to observe this program look her to necessarily that-that it really funny. This week the director of our hospital has told to us, that all workers of hospital will go to theatre to look an opera and I very much I wish to go, to that-that I was not for a long time at theatre. Tell to me William you you love a musical opera?? think, that when we will be together I could dress a beautiful dress, and you a dress coat and we could visit an opera. Well it is my dreams which I hope we with you my honey William we will do by a reality. I constantly think of you and I am glad, that all your letters is filled by love to me. Tell to me William you it is full of desire to make a lot of pleasant to me??? I have such my dreams which do me
disseminated on work and it really very hot dreams. My colleagues are very surprised, when I simply go also I hear nothing, to that-that all my thoughts are occupied by you William. You should understand my honey William, that you have accepted a huge place in my a life. And I can shout for the whole world "Yes, I love you William!!!" My love to you William sincere and pure as Morning dew after a rain and I is
glad, that it is mutual. All my letters are frank for you, to that-that you William my unique man whom I very strongly love. I will finish the letter, to that-that I have a little got tired from the chatter. (Smile). But I hope, that my letter will do your day fine. I will wait for your letter William and remember, that only together we will be happy.

With love your gentle flower Elena.
Two Hearts United As One. William and Elena.

From Russia to America Special Delivery...

Hello my honey man William! My love William always when I receive warm
words from your letter my heart is filled with love and happiness. My
dear, my love William your words insistently help me because I really
miss on you. I ask you William remember always, that only your letters
and words help me to live and to know what be fast we can together.
You William pleasure in my life and I are happy, that I am am loved by
such man, as you William. William my honey I did not find a card which
you sent me, but I know, that they were fine. My honey William I very
much wish to come to the Internet of cafe more often, but I hope, that
you understand, that it is necessary for me to work also. I know, that
you always wait for my letter and I wish to tell to you, that I will
always write you letters my sweet and full of love. Today at us very
cold weather and already is snow. I think, that already now it is
necessary for me to start to carry warm clothes. Well basically I wish
William to tell to you, that I am am heated by your love. Tell to me
William when to you coldly you are heated by thoughts on me??? I with
pleasure would heat you and I will necessarily do it when we will be
together. I nevertheless went on an opera and it was interesting
enough. There was a lot of music and dances and I really very much
loved this opera. I also very much like to go to the cinema and
theatre and certainly I love art exhibitions. My honey in our city is
even a beer museum, but I was not there. I think, that I should visit
this museum and to look that it. (Smile). I wish to tell to you, that
my work well and almost every week I have additional work. I go and I
do inoculations and injections in-home. These are small money, but
nevertheless it helps me. My honey William I very much want, that we
were together and I will wait very much when it will happen. In last
weekend we had a holiday which "Day of the consent and reconciliation"
and very many people had the days off. But I nevertheless worked, to
that-that my small patients in hospital always require care. I would
be happy certainly if I had about you William care, to me it is
necessary for that-that, that in my life there was such man, as you
William. Oh by the way I have good news yesterday at me the flower a
rose blossomed and it is very good. I love flowers and they
practically everywhere in my house. You William should understand my
honey, that I also your gentle flower and I require your love always
to blossom. I always try to look well, to that-that it is all for you.
My heart and my body belong to you and you William the unique man in
my life which I so strongly love. I hope, that I also the unique sweet
lady in your life. In the street coldly and now having come home I
will have a hot bath, then I will sit down and I esteem the book. I
think, that today I will lay down earlier to sleep, to have dream of
you William my love. In our hospital there is a social lottery which
is played every week and it becomes to help workers of hospital. You
know William, that nurses receive very small salary and it is a
lottery helps some money. Tell you William you play a lottery??? I not
so passion lady, but once I played a lottery and have won about 10
dollars. (Smile). And I have spent this money for to go children
Valentina in cafe. We have in our city of McDonald's, but I do not
love a fast food. And consequently I ask you William my honey to eat
only good meal. When we will be together you William always will eat
only tasty meal. You love chops from meat??? I do very tasty chops of
meat and having tried once you William always will ask to make to you
it. (Smile). I very much want, that it is working week was easier and
I hope, that she will pass quickly to come again and to see yours
William the letter. You know William, that every morning I to thank
destiny, that you appeared in my life. My honey William, since that
minute as we have got acquainted my life has changed, also I am happy,
that you William have changed my life, and now I live only one dream,
it to be with you. My love I cannot without you, you necessary for me
and now I have only half of heart because second half of my heart this
your heart and I dream of when we can be together. Favourite William,
I know, that you love me, and I very much love you, and I very much
want, that we met and were happy. My honey I love you and I want, that
with you I had our first night what to fix our love. I ask you William
always remembered, that I LOVE YOU. Only your sweet lady Elena.

Two Hearts United As One. William and Elena.

Big Daddy Cash opens the door to the world of fantasy. A room where all dreams and desires are manifested.

My Dearest Elena,
In the world of dreams there is a room adorned with silver and gold and all the most valuable jewels known to man. In the middle of the room is a king size bed with a down feather mattress and pillows made from the feathers of a dove. The bed is made with the finest silk sheets the color of a dark red rose and the pillows are as white as fresh fallen snow. Each pillow is engraved with the purest gold thread one says Cash the other says Elena. I placed the loveliest rose from the garden of love upon Elena’s pillow and the rose opened wide to show the beautiful face of lovely Elena and God whispered to me that she is your goddess your queen.

In the world of dreams leading through the cut glass doors from the glorious room there is a balcony patio landscaped with all of natures most beautiful plants and flowering vines. It overlooks the valleys where the rivers flow and the waterfalls weep down into swirling pools of glory. You can view the sunset on the far arisen as it colors the sky with flaming shades of fiery hues. Far below you can see a large park with giant trees reaching up to where you are standing holding out their branches like loving arms to envelope you in safety and comfort.

If you close your eyes and relax in the atmosphere of your imagination you can hear your favorite music in magnificent rhapsodies of romantic splendor. We can dance all night holding each other and transfer our inner feelings as we look deeply into each others eyes. There is no place anywhere like this on the planet earth or anywhere in the galaxy. This is a world of dreams for only Cash and Elena.

I love you my dearest Elena… In our dream world you are mine and I am yours… We can love and lust each other and never miss a magical moment… Our minds, our bodies and our spirits are tied together bonding us forever in a fantasy that only you and I can share. May God be with you forever and may he show you my unconditional love,

Big Daddy Cash

Part Seven

This is Bill Eager again I just delivered Elena’s letter to Cash and picked up Cashes letter to Elena. Both letters are very short letters. A short letter is like a short story when two people are in love a lot can be said in just a few well chosen words. The letters you are about to read are among the last letters written before Russia invaded Georgia. The first letter is from Elena and the next is Cashes reply.

Hello my love William!!! I really very much miss on you William and
today I write you the letter only to tell to you, that I love you. It
is a week again has stood out for me very difficult in respect of
work. I planned to take this week the day off, but as a result I will
work again. Now I have not enough time to write you longer letter, but
in me it is so much love and I hope, that you will receive all my love
and caress in this letter. I will write you the letter next week as
only then I will have the day off. I know, that you always very much
wait for my letter and consequently I will wait for my day off to
write you William my letter. I very much wish to have now your
embraces and kisses and for me it is very important, that I always
could receive from you the letter. In any case I ask you William to
wait very much for my letter and I will necessarily write to you. Now
we have very hot weather and I go in short shorts and an easy T-short.
I know, that you very much would love me in such clothes. (Smile). My
honey William I ask you necessarily wait for my letter and remember,
that I very strongly miss on you and you William the unique man in my
life which I so strongly love and I want. I will finish my letter as
it is necessary for me to go already. I send you one million my most
sweet and passionate kisses and very much I want, that these kisses
have covered all your body. Always your loving lady Elena.

Two Hearts United As One. William & Elena.

To My Dearest Elena,

I love you my darling and I miss you so very much. I know that true love is never having to say you are sorry but please forgive me for not writing sooner.

Your letter was short because your time was limited mine was nil, because I have been deeply involved in a new project.

I’ll try to explain it to you so that you’ll understand. I have joined a website for writers and readers, as you know I love to write.

Not all that I write is book worthy, What is has been published. I’ve taken the non-book worthy writings from my archives to edit and rewrite and I’ve found a great place to do it.

It’s a writers community called WeBook a place where writers can share, help and make comments on each others creative abilities. My intention is to take my bad stuff and make it good stuff.

Each article or story I write is called a project until it’s ready to be published. I’ve got 8 or more projects all in process at the same time.

One of my projects is dedicated to you but I’m going to keep that a secret because I want to surprise you when it is finished.

Have I told you about my favorite recipe? You take happiness and laughter mix thoroughly with romance, add hugs, pecks, and sprinkle with kisses. Bind with pleasure and bake with faith. Then serve it with endless love.

Since you say you are an epicurean do you think you can prepare this recipe and serve it to me for life. Oh! I forgot the dessert (did I spell it right, it doesn’t look right) anyway, how about this;

The warm glow of your eyes in candle light with an added touch in the right places. “Perfect”

My dearest Elena I have a euphoric feeling that tells me you’re mine, is it because I’ve strayed into our fantasy world or is it real? I long to take you in my arms, slowly kiss your gentle lips and know that our love is bound for eternity.

It’s a beautiful day here in my city the sunshine is dancing through my window filling my mind with wonderful thoughts of you. Outside the warm sunshine and gentle breeze caresses my cheek, it is like a soft kiss from you, wishing me a good morning. I know for sure that it’s going to be a good day because I just got your letter and it is filled with love. If only I could feel your hands touch me and feel your tongue teasing my ear my day would be perfect.

You’ve got my unconditional love forever and ever, Big Daddy Cash

Russia moved troops into Georgia and placed them in strategic places for an all out invasion. This created a problem for the security of all the countries involved. This caused email and regular letters to be blocked and censored so communication between Cash and Elena was hindered and in most cases stopped. Both Cash and Elena kept sending letters hoping that somehow they would slip through the cracks but neither one has received a letter from the other in almost two months. The following two letters are from Cash to Elena sent with the hopes that she would get his message.

Dearest Elena, I keep trying to reach you but to no avail. The last two letters I sent may have got through I didn’t get them back like all the others. I hope they did because I miss you and I want you to know how I feel. I think about you all the time you still are with me in my dreams and fantasies. My friends have asked me what was making me so sad, I guess it really shows. They can’t understand how I can miss some one that I have never met in person. I can’t tell them about our fantasy world they’d think I was crazy.
I pray for you every day and ask God to keep you out of harms way. As you know I believe that my God is love and that he is with me all of the time. Anyway I asked my God to visit you and tell you that I still love you. He usually does what I ask him to do because He and I have a good rapport. Maybe He will let a letter slip through just to set my mind at ease.
I think I told you about my two sick dogs anyway Charley has gone blind and Bear is completely powerless he can no longer stand on his own which means he needs constant help. Bear is my Golden Retriever and he is a very big dog, 200 lbs big. He needs to be bathed twice a day and the carpet where he lies has to be shampooed at least once a day, sometimes twice. The vet tells me that Charley has diabetes and needs insulin shots twice a day after each feeding. He thinks diabetes is what made Charley go blind. You see my dear Elena God has turned me into a nurse.
I have been writing a lot but since I haven’t heard from you I keep getting writers remorse. I have found that if I go back and read your past letters it helps to boost my thought process. Your letters have always given me the inspiration I need to write. You have a positive effect on me with your words even though you are thousands of miles away.
I’m not going to say much more in this letter because I honestly don’t think you are going to get it. The only thing I can hope for is that with Gods help maybe it will slip through.
I Love You My Dearest Elena
Forever, Big Daddy Cash
Hoof Note ; Close your eyes and imagine the two of us locked in a loving embrace...

Dearest Elena,

Another week has gone by and still no letter from Russia. Nothing from my dearest Elena. It is so strange not to find a loving word from you in my email. Other then my webook mail everything I get is garbage. I think I told you about webook anyway it’s a community of writers that get together to help each other improve what they write. I don’t write much anymore because my heart isn’t in it and my mind seems to be locked in a closet. Your letters are the key that will set me free to write again. I hope I haven’t lost that key forever.
I don’t know what to write anymore because I don’t want my feelings for you read by others. The mind plays strange games when communication is lost. Especially between two people as close as we are. It is unfair when outside forces can step in and govern our lifes. Not being able to touch you and hold you is a hard thing to accept when you see other lovers together embracing each other and enjoying each others presence.
My health has also become a problem that creates another roadblock to our love affair. When I was receiving your letters I felt young again and full of vitality. The wonderful words that you sent me each week could compare to the fountain of youth spilling over. Your thoughts and ideas and your expressions of love gave me the spirit to overcome anything. Now that that’s gone I find myself falling into the abyss of the tired and weary, responding only to survive on a daily bases.
Have I lost you my dearest Elena? Are you only a memory from a beautiful dream? Have world affairs become so unfair as to take you away? These are worries that fill my mind each week there’s no letter. If your feelings of love are as strong as mine then I know you must feel the same. If I knew for sure that you would get this letter I’d fill it with love like I use to do. I’d take you into our own world of dreams and make love to you like I use to do. Back then the feelings were real and our dream world really existed now it’s just a question mark on a door that was only a fantasy.
I love you Elena and may God Bless you and keep you well. As you always referred to me, Your William

P.S. ; I miss you so very much my dearest Elena

We are not going to end this story here but Cash has decided to postpone the story until the invasions on the small countries claiming independence from Russia are no longer under attack by the Russian Government. The members of NATO which include the United States and Georgia consider an attack on any member an act of war on all members, so in all likelihood this could be the beginning of a world war.

If it were the end of peace between Russia and America then the love between Elena and Cash would not end but their freedom to communicate would be sadly interupted, and the outcome of this story may have to wait until peace is reinstated.

A Message from the Author

This is to all the readers who have enjoyed what I have written in the seven chapters of Infinite Encounter. First of all I want to thank you for reading what I have written. When I started to write this story the seed was planted as a challenge from my Webook friends. I was happy to accept this challenge with the story of my romance that took place on the airways corresponding through email all the way from Russia to America.

I have never met Elena in person but I fell in love with her through the magic found in the written words of her letters. As my narrator has told you chapter seven is not the end of the story more then likely it is just the beginning.

If you enjoyed my story and you’d like to read more please grant me a wish. You can do this if you get on your hands and knees in prayer and ask God to replace the anger and greed of the instigators of war with love. Your prayers could be the weapon that will prevent another world war.

When the conflict is over my story will continue. Thank you my friends, I know in my heart that you will grant me this wish. Sincerely, Big Daddy Cash

The Interim