Love Letters


Monday, June 28, 2010

Part Four

All the letters found in this story are authentic, true emotions created by love. Each letter that Elena writes is another arrow for Cupids bow. Is the arrow going to hit my heart, It's possible that it already has...?

Hello, again William! I am so happy that your have answered me! How
are you? What weather do you have? I was looking to the window and I
felt so sad and alone. I don't know, don't understand what was going
with me. And suddenly I remembered you, William, my mood became very
good after it. The thoughts of you warmed my heart. It is so great
that now there is the man, even thoughts about whom can encourage and
cheer up me, help me to live. When I thought of you i felt not alone.
William weather in our city warm also is +20 celsisus. I very much
like to celebrate easter and Christmas. My birthday will be on March,
8th. I very much love animals and I have a familiar cat, which name
"Happiness". Favourite my music is a classical music. I want to tell
you William about my town and show you some photos of it. Cheboksary
is the Russian town, which is in the north of Russia. It is the center
of the Chuvash republic. It is the unique town, where the history and
the modernity are equally interesting. There are the surprizing and
original museums and monuments in our town. I know that the population
of it is about the 470 000 people. Out town is shared on some areas,
some of which are intended for living and some of them are an
industrial zone. Town is not big, it is very comfortable, clean,
well-groomed, tidy and beautiful. i like it very much. It is very
green. We have a wonderful river Volga. Have you William ever heard
about it? This river has it's inflows, which miss in a medial
direction and share the town on administrative areas. The inflows
converge in the Volga gulf. And we have the quay. I like river. I have
spent a lot of time looking to the brilliant smooth surface. When I
want to think of something I come to the river. It gives me positive
energy, clears me. i like to come to quay. I enjoy of walking on the
streets of evening Cheboksary. It is so wonderful, it is full of
lights. There are a lot of fountains in the town. It is really
wonderful on the river, especially in the evening. There is one place
there a the fountains tower above the river. And the quay is good
decorated with white benchs, lanterns. It is so pleasant to spend time
there, to sit there, to think, to dream...Also we have the magnificent
churches. We have very interesting temple, which is on the coast of
the river and the road is stretched to it through all river. It is
called "the road to temple" It was unbelievable for me to see it in
the first time. I can not describe by the words how is it wonderful. I
visit churches often. I really trust in God. And what about you, do
you believe in God, what is your religion? I try to go to the church
near with my home so often as I can. We have fine theatres. And even
we have McDonalds. Our town is so wonderful, interesting and
surprizing. I can tell you about it for a lot of time! But
unfortunately i need to go. I am sending you William alot of photos,
including that area where I live. I hope that you will like these
pictures and will tell me about your living place with sending the
pictures too. O.k?! I will wait very-very much! Bye-bye,dear William.
Yours friend Elena.

There is no doubt in my mind I had fallen deeply and hopelessly in love. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep and I was starting to fantasize.

I wanted to let Elena know but I couldn't find the right words. How could I possibly fall in love with a woman less than half my age. This couldn't be happening. I had to write her a letter, but how, I couldn't find the words.

I was having unbelievable mood swings like nothing I'd ever had. I had to write but without words how is that possible.

Finally I sat down at my keyboard and started typing as fast as I could and never hesitating, the words started to flow, every thought hit the paper. When I finished I had a letter, it was a long letter covering everything from soup to nuts. It wasn't what I intended it to be but it was all I could come up with so I sent it.

Hello Elena, you ask how I am and this is my answer to you; "I'm doing just fine for the shape that I'm in, slightly under the weather but still in the race." Please don't feel so sad and alone, close your eyes and I'll be there to cheer you up. Your happiness is important to me. As your close friend and pen pal I want your heart to flitter and flutter and rejoice with each new day.

Thanks for the pictures, I've added them to my picture gallery along with the pictures you previously sent. The buildings were grand but the picture of you was lovely. One look at you makes me feel young again.

I'm glad to hear that you love animals, somehow I knew you would. My family of animals give me true unconditional love. They're with me through the good times and the bad. I have a deep rooted addiction to all animals. I have found more love, understanding, and companionship through my association with animals then most people find in a lifetime. I've always offered sanctuary and care to needy animals and my rewards have been greater then my efforts..All the stray cats in my neighborhood gather round my kitchen window twice a day waiting to be fed and get a little love and attention. Your four legged feline friend "Happiness" can do just that ! Bring a great deal of love and happiness into your life.

My daughters decided to stay with me for an extra week so I'm planning a fishing trip for them and my grand kids. My daughters used to go fishing with me when they were real young. They tell me those times were the best times of their life. I reminisce about the past when my family was still young and in their prime. I think about all the good times we had. Anyway the kids are all out loading my RV for the fishing trip. They're all excited and waiting for their Big Daddy Cash to get up and go

How's the most beautiful lady in Cheboksary Russia. I have a magnetic attraction to all the beautiful things in this world of ours. Art, music, poetry, oceans and rivers, the earth and the sky, these are all creations of beauty that add to the pleasures of my life. Now I can add another item to this list of mine. A beautiful and extraordinary women from Cheboksary Russia.

You might find this message a little unusual and that's simply because I'm in an unusual mood today. I hope what I write will be alright and not bore you into a deep and dreamless sleep. I don't want to have to send a Night in Silver Armor to come and kiss you to bring you back to the world of reality. So read on at your own risk then you can't blame me if you end up on a Nut Farm.

This is what it would be like to spend Spend a Day With Cash and His Family. Well, Let me see! There’s Lady, there’s Charley, There's SweetHeart There's Dancing Bear and there's Me. The five of us make up Cashes immediate family. Lady’s a Lab, I’m an Old Fart, Charley’s a mystery, Sweethearts a Bull Dog, and Dancing Bear is a Old Golden Retriever. I own a four plex and I live with my family in one of my basement apartments. It's a two bedroom apartment that has all the luxuries we need. Our living room has a wall to wall T.V. , a large easy chair for lady and one for me, the couch belongs to Charley and Sweetheart and the living room floor belongs to Dancing Bear. We start out each day with faith in our hearts knowing that with God on our side all our dreams will come true.

I have my office and I call it Cashes Office of Thought, with my desk, filing cabinets, and electronic toys.

Lady, Charley, Sweetheart and Bear have their bedroom which they call Cashes Dog House it has a king size bed that they sometimes share with me.

The kitchen has all the modern appliances we need and we call it Cashes Chow Hall it even has a stacked washer and drier.

The whole place is real comfy and cozy. If you have love in your heart to share, the gifts that you give, will let the whole world know that you care. If you have love in your home it’s my promise you’ll never be alone.

We have a huge back yard, the size of a small park, for the dogs to romp and play in. I call the five of us the Five Insiders because in addition to our family we have, I call the HoBo Outsiders, all the ..hobo.. transient and stray cats in the neighborhood.The Five Insiders love the HoBo Outsiders ! I feed the HoBo Outsiders and give them love and attention and the dogs chase them to give them the exercise they need to stay fit. We all live together as one big happy family. Through unconditional love and compassion we can change the world.

Our day begins, and this is a typical day in the life of Cashes Family. In the mornings my Canines are always waiting for me at the kitchen door to be let out to romp and take care of their morning business, of course that includes chasing all the HoBo Outsiders out of the yard. This is a ritual that takes place every morning, the dogs chase, the cats hide. When I bring the dogs in to have their breakfast all the cats come out of hiding and gather round my back porch to be fed. I’m the only human they’ll come close to if anyone else is around they all scatter. They have learned to love me and trust me and they all expect that little bit of special attention I give them.

Each day we share with each other the greatest gift of all and it’s given from our hearts for the whole world to see.

When I've been away for the night time I have a little job to do that isn’t to pleasant, but never the less has to be done. Little Charley can’t hold his business for the whole time that I’m gone so he does it on the bathroom floor right in front of the toilet . I have to clean it up and sanitize it, immediately, so that it won’t smell up our house. Our house is a total mess all the time but it’s never dirty it just looks well lived in. Charley never does his thing in the house if there is someone at home to let him out. Some days I feel like a dog and others I feel like the hydrant but mostly I feel like I’m loved.

Now that I’ve got everybody fed and all the little messes cleaned up I fix myself a large cup of coffee and sit down at my computer where I’ll spend the next four or five hours doing business on line or composing e-books. In the twilight years of my life the computer has become a major part. I conduct business, do my banking, and all of my corresponding using my computer. I even use the computer for a lot of my entertainment.

My four legged family knows I don’t like to be disturbed when I’m using the computer so usually they lay quietly at my feet enjoying my presence.

I try to take the four leggers for a walk or a drive every day (They love going for a drive). They sit at attention and observe everything that goes on all around us where ever we drive. When we’re out walking they have to check out every house and Lady has to pee in every yard. I guess that’s called marking your territory. Lady loves to run (She’s as strong as a mule) so usually it’s not I taking them for a walk it’s them taking me.

I try to get a few hours rest in the afternoons but inevitably something comes up the minute I lay down to rob me of my sleep. Sometimes I’m lucky just getting an hour or two.

Charley’s a watch dog who will guard our home, usually by sleeping where a burglar would awaken us all by falling over him. Lady’s a great watch dog too she’ll watch the burglars take what ever they want.

My dogs can express more with their tails in minutes than most people can express with their tongue in hours.

Never judge a dog's pedigree by the kind of boots he does or does not chew.(Lady likes Tony Lamas)

I’ll always sympathize with the underdog, except of course when the other dog is mine.

Loving, sharing, and understanding are the main ingredients in our little family. My dogs have been taught to know love and kindness. Meanness and hate is not in their life. Sure they chase the cats because that’s what dogs do but when they catch them that’s it. Games over!

If there’s a moral to spending a day with Cashes Family it’s all in Loves way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you, Love, Big Daddy Cash

After sending this letter I picked up my guitar and went out on my patio and spent hours singing all the sad love songs that I could remember. I wasn’t happy with the letter that I just mailed to Elena because in my mind I realized how stupid it made me sound, just imagine all the things that I wrote about, people don’t say things like that in a letter. I wished there was a way I could stop the letter but it was too late it was on its way. When I want to forget I always play my guitar and sing my thoughts away. Elena will think I’m some kind of nut and I’ll never hear from her again. God what have I done?

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